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Poster: jon7 Date: Jul 20, 2007 12:17pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: two new releases from microlabel

Guest releases have been strong in coming lately while I continue work on my own new compositions, The two latest ones deserve some special mention.

[J7N034] Mystified "Can of Drone"

"Can of Drone" is the third guest release for this label by mystified, and the material presented within explores some new sonic territory that departs somewhat from previous work. The overall sound is bolder and noisier, and successfully blends elements of noise, dark ambient and home-taped sound in a way that cleverly avoids easy classification. The sounds are sometimes lush and dense, other times sparse and gritty, but all throughout this release and its many moods, the sonic perspective that we have come to enjoy rewards its listeners consistently.

The music of mystified has grown and changed over time, exploring many different styles and techniques, yet something distinct has always shone through, displaying as honest a document of his progress as I personally have ever encountered. It is my hope that it will be as much of a pleasure for you to follow along with this next development of the mystified sound as it is for this label to release it. With these tracks each displaying their own personalities it is hard to recommend only one or two standout tracks, but with repeated listens those who do will find favorites that resonate and speak directly to them. Which one will be yours? Feel free to comment.

[J7N034] Download link

[J7N035] Instant "Honesty Honestly"

Having had the opportunity of releasing one album already by Instant, the 8.5 hour epic "Sourcery", when we we got word that Instant (aka Ben Kelly) had something new in mind for us, we (that is to say, me) were excited and couldn't wait to see what he had created. The results were surprising: this new collection of material was also nearly epic in length (although at a more modest 4.5 hours), and was largely composed of long, highly rhythm-driven, unusually stark minimal soundscapes. Created from what appeared to be single drum hits and short samples, these tracks prvided an intriguing answer to an old question several freinds and I had been asking for years: "How minimal can minimal get?"

The answer provided by "Honesty Honestly" will most likely surprise you as well. Upon first listen, the starkness and repetition of sounds and their slow unhurried mutation may not seem to reward active listening, but as these sounds being to sink in, pushing past the foreground of the brain's act of listening, one will discover an amazing sense of space, allowing subtle sounds within the music and from the environment in which it is being listened to to slowly become apparent. This is a release where empty space becomes as integral a part of the music as the music itself, and there is no doubt that the more one listens to this recording, the more it will delight, befuddle, entertain and challenge all who do.

"Sourcery", our last release from Instant, was released in its entirety. This release of "Honesty Honestly" is an abridged version. It is subtitled "(7 selected 7)" as I chose those pieces which best exemplified the concept and reflected best upon the whole work, and pared the 4.5 hour recording down to a 2 CD collection. It is being co-promoted along with the unabridged version, which can be downloaded from : where a large archive of his past and current work is available. It is highly recommended that you give both versions a listen to gain the fullest perspective. The epic length of "Sourcery" did not hold it back from becoming the 5th highest downloaded release in our catalog, and like that release, the time needed to digest both versions in fullness will not be spent in vain.

Our goal of continuing to release music that challenges the mind and the standards of sonic normalcy has been stepped up by this release. Download it, take a pause, and prepare to take yourself down a road unlike any other!

[J7N035] Download link

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Poster: mystified Date: Jul 20, 2007 1:12pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: two new releases from microlabel

Great! Thanks!